Why Women Shouldn’t Train Like Men: Working out like a male

Why Women Shouldn’t Train Like Men

Sustainable Fitness For The Working Woman

By Batista Gremaud

Part 2 of 3  Working out like a male

The Women’s Brain:
Women have a larger passage between the left and right brain, which allows them to think and feel simultaneously, unlike men, (unless he is left handed). A man is more focused at accomplishing one task at a time and cannot think and feel all at once. This changes over time because the natural aging process combined with a person’s lifestyle and socio – economic situation. As the aging process naturally happens and business and family pressures occurs, a woman becomes more intellectual and begins to produce more progesterone, as opposed to men who produce more testosterone in their earlier years. The passage between left and right brain becomes so flooded with intellectual data, that, at some point, she cannot cross the bridge at will anymore, into her feeling side, which allows for the quieting of the mind.

WARNING: Staying intellectually active 24 hours a day, for a woman, eventually causes too much stress, which weakens her immune system. At first, this goes unnoticed because she might be financiAnti-Aging Secret-010ally and professionally strong and established, too busy pursuing fame and financial security,or she might simply have too many responsibilities. However, this is the point where her body begins to fall apart, as her immune system cannot hold the stress put upon it any longer. There is also the possibility of medical diseases setting into her body without notice, including the activation of cancerous cells.

Performance vs. Process Of Performance

Performance (male energy / left brain) is what the fitness industry in general is about and what personal trainers teach women to do: to try to do more than they can comfortably do by going for the pain, potentially leading to injuries. Performance oriented exercise is what women do when they work out on their own, with their significant others or with their personal trainer. Those exercises and routines and machines taught to us by “trainers” may be doing more harm than good and that doing the same thing over and over again will only give us the same unsatisfying results physically and emotionally!

By carrying over their masculine side of the intellectual work mode to play time, women remain in their intellectual mind. You’ve been sincere and you’ve been working hard, but what you’re doing is directly against your Feminine Nature! What a woman needs is just the opposite, as she is already predominantly using her male energy at work, she needs to be able to reconnect with her body from a female point in her workouts. A woman needs to feel good to do good. She needs to be in her body, where her chakras are centered and securely grounded. Then she will feel comfortable, safe and empowered, and she will know what to do and be in control of her destiny.

Increasing one’s strength by 20% to 50% in 20 minutes changes brain chemistry; it almost instantaneously quiets the mind by grounding the physical body, which allows her to safely cross over the bridge between her intellectual brain and the magical inner environment of her body, getting out of her head (thinking) and getting back into her body (feeling), resulting in an higher
level of creativity and awareness.

This is achieved through specifically formulated strength training exercises, where she can process her emotions quietly and safely, while developing an incredibly attractive body, independently of anyone, including a personal trainer! Ladies! By setting better standards for yourself, you will become irresistible and witness your significant other’s behavior change to the new empowered you and enjoy a more fulfilling loving relationship. Your loved one won’t want to be away from you!

As a recap:
The Body Design Formula rewires your brain patterns by applying scientifically proven principles that will potentially enable you to become stable, hold a positive mind set and fulfill your goals in life, while bringing your body to its optimum capacity. And you won’t need to workout everyday.
The strength will stay with you!

Thanks to The Body Design Formula, you will get empowered to take control of your body and your life and eliminate everything that is holding you back and keeping you from living your best life every day.





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