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Hit and miss, or calculated weight ratio?

The other day at the gym, I was training next to this big guy, in the D.B. rack area. This young man was doing D.B. Bat DB flyschest press with 55lbs, and then he was following it up with chest flys at 20lbs. To my trained eyes, as a 7th degree Master teacher in the art of Body Design by Dr. Fitness USA,  this was like a joke. You see, there is such a thing called weight ratio in strength training, where you can estimate what your weight should be on specific exercises based on the exercises you’ve done before.  Sequence does matter as well as adjusting weight ratio appropriately with number of sets and reps. It is an art and a science.

In this case, chest pressing 55lbs D.B. should be followed by a minimum of 30lbs. for the D.B. flys (if doc was on the case, probably more like 40lbs)

Usually, I mind my own business at the gym, if I didn’t, I’d be spending my precious training time helping everyone else instead of doing my own training, because frankly it is quite frightening to see how senseless and even destructive most people’s training habits are, but in this case I couldn’t help myself. It was so pathetic seeing this huge gorgeous stud doing this exercise with such insignificant weight, I decided to step in.

So I kindly asked him if I could make a suggestion. He said yes. I explained to him that his weight ratio was off, that he should be able to do chest flys with at least 30 lbs. To this he responded by giving me a million excuses why he couldn’t.

So I proceeded with my own training. My routine was somewhat similar to his that day. I was chest pressing with 30lbs and  doing my flys with 25lbs, which is 5 lbs more than the big man with a million excuses.

I saw he was checking me out. Before I knew it, he picked up the 30lbs D.B and performed his chest flys easily, without any issues whatsoever.

Later, he thanked me.

So how do you know how to adjust your weight ratio?

Good news, with our on-line programs, you will now have the ability to not only follow a simple and comprehensive routine, but you will also benefit from specific instructions of how to do it right. In some instances, you will also be able to benefit from private phone consultations and have your questions answered.

You see, friends, strength training is like any sport, dance form or even Martial Arts. It is a skill that needs to be learned.  Sequence of exercises matter, as well as weight ratio, weight manipulation, number of sets, form and technique, much like any exercise modality that has to be learned, strength training is no different.

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