Intuition and strength training


Is your training routine based on intuition?

Today I ran into someone at the gym, a slim beautiful lady I’ve known for a while now. A few years ago, I spoke to her about the benefits of strength training; she really didn’t think much of it, as she was a Yoga aficionado. Many Yoga practitioners do not understand the importance of incorporating strength training in their weekly routine, as it uses different muscle fibers, which I cover in my No1 Best Seller Feminine Body Design, available on Amazon.

Fast forward: It had been a couple of years since I‘ d seen her and now I ran into her at Gold’s Gym. So I asked her what type of routine she was doing. She answered:” I do my own training, I am very intuitive, so I know what my body needs, so my training routine is based on my intuition.”

As I discreetly observed what she was doing, based on being a Body Design Formula 7th degree Master teacher in the Dr. Fitness USA protocol and also certified  in personal training, I noticed she was way off the mark not only in her choice and sequence of exercises, but her form, and also her weight range.

Let me explain.

Lets take the example of the Dumbbell Row she was performing with a 10 lbs. dumbbell.

When performing a D.B. Row, you have to understand that you are working the lat muscles, which are big, strong intuition and strength trainingmuscles and require heavy weight to get activated. In other words, doing a D.B. row with 10 lbs. is literally doing absolutely nothing. If you are a small woman, you will need to work your weight range to an average of 25lbs. minimum, aiming to reach 30 or 35 lbs. A large woman will aim for 40lbs. and up. Of course, you will need to work your way up to that weight, provided you have performed an intelligent sequence of exercises leading to your D.B. row, your muscles being warmed up and prepared, will have no problem tackling a minimum of 20lbs. and quickly increasing to the desired weight range.

You see, friends, strength training is like any sport, dance form or even Martial Arts. Before you can base your training on intuition, you have to master the skill. Sequence of exercises matter, as well as weight range, weight manipulation, form and technique, much like any exercise modality that has to be learned, strength training is no different.

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