Side raises: Ergonomic tips

Side raises tips to avoid pain


This immediately gives you a self-confident look.

However many people experience pain when doing side raises. This is mainly caused by overuse injuries to the rotor cuff area.

Side raises done properly will not only enhance your general appearance but will also help in the rehabilitation of the rotor cuff muscles.

There are many side raises machines in the gyms, however for the most part, those machines are very hard on the joints and bio mechanically incorrect, which will add more strain to the joints and tendons. The solution is to ergonomically adjust the machine to work with your own body according to the Dr. Fitness USA protocol. I would strongly advise to perform your side raises routines with free weight, and more specifically with dumbbells using 1-arm at a time while holding on to another dumbbell with your opposite for balance, then switching arms to complete the exercise for the set. Holding on to a bench with your opposite arm to the exercise movement is an alternative option for balance.

Follow the guidelines below and in the provided video and you will maximize your side raises exercises with no pain and no risk of injuries.

These are five simple tips to ergonomically adjust your body during your side raises routines.

1. Hang on to a bench if available to give you leverage
2. Bend your knees slightly
3. bend forward at the waist line.
4. Perform your side raise exercises one arm at the time. Using two arms at the same time puts pressure on the neck and causes your arms to get strained
5. Angulate your arm 45° out in front of your body, keeping the palm of your hand face down at the top of the movement. Do not point your thumb down as if you are pouring water from a teakettle.

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