Program 1 Routine

strength training for men


Once you have located the right gym, go with your program sheet and instructions, visualize the exercises. DO NOT WORKOUT ON THIS FIRST DAY. Just check the machines, benches, and dumbbells and bars. Learn to adjust the seats, become familiar with the angles described, and try the exercise movements without weight. Pay attention to details from your special instructions sheet. Just have fun with familiarizing yourself with the equipment and the environment. Take notes; write down if there are things that are unclear. Success will depend on your ability to master proper form. This is how you will be able to progressively reach the optimum weight scale you need to make permanent structural changes in your body, so pay attention to the details.

Practice program 1 three times


Program 1 at-a-glance

Program 1 equipment list

Special instructions

Program 1 sheet  This is the sheet you print and bring to the gym to make notes and write down the weights