No Pain More Gain


No pain, more gain

The no pain no gain concept is completely outdated. If it hurts, you are probably hurting yourself. The long term success, contrary to popular belief, is in finding your comfort zone, in terms of proper ergonomics, form and positioning, it is in that state that you will be able to maximize your weight scale comfortably and achieve maximum results. You could compare this as walking in a pair of shoes that pinches your toes vs. finding a pair of shoes that is comfortable. When you think about it in those terms, then, it makes sense. This is the same concept with strength training or exercise. If it hurts, you may be in the process of incurring permanent injuries. Don’t do it. Having said that, also understand that there is a difference between pain that will result in injuries and normal soreness from activating and working muscle groups that you didn’t even know existed. If in doubt contact Dr Fitness USA.


In the world of bodybuilding there is a method in which people work to exhaustion, as to break down the muscle fibers to the maximum in order to produce maximum muscle gain. Unless you are an aspiring bodybuilder, we recommend that you keep at a comfortable pace to avoid injuries.