Program 2 Overview



First and above all, we want to congratulate you for successfully completing program 1 and taking proactive steps toward your health. Be patient with yourself, as you heard the expression before: “Rome was not built in one day” and neither is your body. It just takes time, but rest assured
that the system we are providing you with has been tested and proven over many years. You are on the right track to success. Before moving on to program 2, make sure to read the instructions“Before you Begin” sheet that you received in program 1.Note: It is very important to follow
all the action steps in the guidelines to maximize the efficiency and safety of the programs. Details matter and we want to make sure you learn to perform the exercises with the proper,precise technique and form. We have gone through great length to provide you with as much detailed instructions as possible.The programs are designed to be alternated, and be done consecutively.Example: after familiarizing and repeating program 2 a couple of times, now you will begin the series from the beginning; you will alternate day 1 and 2 and so forth, always starting from the program you left on.You also need to follow the sequence of exercises in each of the programs outlined.Remember to have fun, be patient, go at your own pace and be safe. This is the time that you set aside to take care of yourself, to take care of your body. It will save you time, money and give you more energy, regaining back the feeling of being ageless and youthful again.If you have any questions, refer back to the book “Feminine Body Design” which is available on Amazon and / or the instruction sheet in program 1 “Before you Begin”.
Batista & Dr. Fitness USA