Lift Heavy


Lift heavy

Of course, do not start a new exercise with heavy weight. Until you have mastered the technique, angles, positioning etc.…. test the exercise without weight first, then light weight. When you are secure, you will notice in your programs that some sets have a variable of reps in different places, when that happens, these are the spots where you increase the weight to match the rep scale in the program.

When working on your own, with our on-line programs, play it safe, but rest assured that you are much stronger than you think, so strive to reach new heights. Review: ”BULKING UP” in program 2 if you are still concerned about this issue.

Beyond your comfort zone! When you work with a customized program by Dr. Fitness USA, you can increase your strength from 20% to 50% (conditions apply) more than what you think is possible than working on your own.