Andropause: Sustainable Fitness For The Working Man

Andropause Sustainable Fitness For The Working Man
Part 1 of 2 The Bedroom Body You Desire and Deserve

By Batista Gremaud

By Batista Gremaud

Does male Andropause (male version of menopause), cause testosterone levels to decrease with age? Research tells us that men tend to develop male Andropause more gradually than their female counterpart, which is menopause. Male Andropause can begin as early as the mid-twenties as men begin to lose male hormones including testosterone, thyroid, human growth hormone and DHEA. The aging process of the body begins in earnest because of the loss of hormones.

Menopause in women comes so suddenly, the effect of declining hormones is much more obvious.These same effects in men are more gradual , which makes easier to accommodate over time. Men don’t talk about Andropause; they think it is not a manly thing to do and as a result, they often don’t like  to admit that they need help or guidance. Between the ages of 35-45, men see a marked continual decline in keeping and maintaining erections. Ejaculation is not as powerful, and their stamina and endurance have waned as well.

One of the signature symptoms of Andropause is erectile dysfunction (ED). An embarrassing, nerve-wrecking experience, ED is when a male cannot perform for his female partner. In layman’s terms, it is the inability to have an erect penis during sexual activity.

It is the primary issue amongst men in regards to their sex lives. Lets become acquainted with how a full erection works and why this condition exists. Men under the influence of Andropause can have erectile dysfunction no matter what is on their mind. Thinking of a nude Playboy centerfold model would likely induce pleasant and sexual thoughts into a man.

Sexual thoughts, however detailed or brief they may be, are produced in the brain. After all, the brain is responsible for thinking. These sexual thoughts directly spark nerve signals down through the spinal cord and into the muscles of the penis. These nerves send a flow of blood running through the arteries in the penis while it is in a relaxed state, building pressure.

A man without Andropause can have a constant, steady flow of blood flowing to his penis arteries in a good amount. The more blood that flows down there, the harder and longer the  erection will be! When sexual thoughts creep out of your mind and you’re focused on another activity, your penis returns to its relaxed state. We can guess Andropause sufferers are going to have to do something else rather than think about that nude Playboy model to obtain an erection!

Erectile dysfunction can attribute to psychological causes. Psychological causes can include having fear of our female partners (especially when it is a specific person with whom we feel shy or connected with), depression, lack of self-esteem, and being clueless as to what to do with certain parts of the female anatomy. Our bodies are exposed and we often times feel ashamed of what we look like to our partners. Mind thoughts and emotions that are pessimistic in nature not only affect your mental state, but the performance of your penis as well.

As with other medical conditions, the effects of impotence can be magnified if we do not follow a proper health regimen. The top dog in promoting erectile dysfunction is the use of drugs and cigarettes, which reduce the amount of blood flow to the penis. Undergoing surgery and prescription drugs also contribute to the problem, like tranquilizers, medications for seizures, beta-blockers, and diuretics. Even a simple over the counter drug like NyQuil Cold & Sinus (a decongestant) can reduce blood flow to the penis, at least temporarily.

A healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and a clean diet slow down the aging process and assist in maintaining good sexual functions. The #1 scientifically proven sport to assist men in producing testosterone naturally and fight erectile dysfunction is strength training. However, men, who may have used weight training in their younger years, as they mature in age, often lean toward activities such as yoga, running or cycling, avoiding the one sport that is actually proven to produce testosterone in the body naturally and have the potential to assist them in maintaining their manly functions.

Here are a few of the misconceptions about most commonly used fitness modalities that are working against you towards achieving the bedroom body you dream of having:

1  Losing weight with cardio: Aerobic activities facilitate burning calories for only the duration of the chosen activity, it also produces a large amount of cortisol in the body (stress hormone) that suppresses the immune system. This can produce weight gain and inflammation. It is hard on the joints. A better and more efficient way to go is to change the composition of your body by replacing fat cells into muscle cells through Strength Training. This will further boost your metabolism by enabling you to burn calories up to 72 hours after your training. Strength Training is just as beneficial for heart health as cardio and is known to release massive amounts of mood boosting neurochemicals faster than any other modality.

2. Cross training compounds results and saves time. Beware, these types of trainings are entirely unsustainable, extremely hard on the body and have an average injury rate of 75%. Unless you are a pro athlete training for specific reasons, don’t go there!

3. Achieve a long, lean sculpted body with yoga. Contrary to popular belief, yoga is not a muscle building / sculpting activity. The body is composed of 2 distinctive types of muscle fibers that have specific and individual purposes: Slow-twitch and fast-twitch fibers. Fast-twitch fibers build and sculpt the body, while slow-twitch fibers promote endurance. Working both muscle fiber types is essential to build and sculpt a strong, lean body. Yoga mainly uses slow-twitch muscle fibers, and isometric contractions that promote endurance, not muscle building.


However you can’t be a used to be or a “know it all”. The past does not equal the present! Men who still train in the gym with weights,  usually try to be like they used to be, performing the same ego based type of exercises they used to do when they were younger, not realizing that time has changed and so should their routine.

Like a car if you haven’t taken care it, it’s going to cost you a lot. In fact you are going to need an expert mechanic even though you know how to change the oil, but don’t know the inner works of the engine to make it run properly. “Properly”  is the word here which would save you money and give you more time and energy to do the things you say you are going to do but keep putting off.


  1. One of the most frequent problem for men who exercise on their own or with personal trainers, is that they mix and match exercises, like hit and miss, diluting the results a sound and intelligent program could offer them, such a planned out routine with a sequence of exercise that build upon each other, well planned with weight ration and rep scales to accommodate strength increase safely and drastically..
  2. The second most common problem is  training with bad posture, cutting the oxygen flow to the brain and and accentuating muscular imbalances, continuously aggravating the condition, which usually leads to back and neck problems and even surgery.

To be successful in achieving the bedroom body you dream of having,  you need

1) Healthy mindset and willingness to ask for help

2) Proper environment:  Strength Training in a properly equipped gym

3) Business plan: a professional designed program, which is easy to follow without the need of a personal trainer  and is  sustainable over the years to come

All of Dr. Fitness USA Body Design Formula programs are easy to follow, sustainable and take into consideration postural alignment to rebuild the structural frame from the inside out, while correcting muscular imbalances.

What happens to men that train on the Body Design Formula as age advances? Here is a list of reported changes from men:

  • Increase in mental quickness
  • Improved enthusiasm for daily life
  • Depression lifts that they didn’t know was there
  • More energy and a desire to be more active
  • Increase in sex drive demonstrated by night dreams, spontaneous erections and an overall increased interest in sex
  • Improved muscle tone and reduced fat
  • Regaining the bedroom body you dream of having

So whatever your exercise of choice, you must incorporate strength training, preferably the Dr. Fitness USA Body Design Formula system to avoid the loss of those precious fast-twitch muscle fibers that will provide the muscular and toned body you ought to enjoy as a male. It will also put the odds in your court in producing enough testosterone naturally to combat the natural consequences of aging, such as erectile dysfunction, hair loss and lack of vitality.

The Body Design Formula by international Body Designer, Dr. Fitness USA is the fastest way to the bedroom body you desire, increasing your strength and stamina by 20% to 50% in 20 minutes and regaining 15 years of your youth.

The information in this article is for educational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice.


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