Menopause Stressing You Out?



That’s completely normal, but did you know that there are ways to counter act nearly every symptom you’re feeling?

Menopause is a difficult time for most women. As your body begins to go through The Change, you are likely to experience anything from hot flashes to an increase in your anxiety.

While most healthy women do not begin menopause until their fifties, symptoms can show up as early as your thirties, leading some women to feeling frustrated by joint pain and depression that they feel they should not be having.

You’re not alone, though! No matter what your symptoms are or when they start showing, you can make The Change a nearly effortless part of your life.

What IS Menopause?

Menopause is the time of your life where your body stops becoming fertile. Your ovaries are no longer producing the egg cells needed to create a new life, and as such, your body slows down the estrogen that you needed to make that happen. As a result, your hormones become imbalanced and your body begins the balancing act of trying to adjust to the changes.

Humans are extremely long-lived and brainy creatures for a variety of factors, going well beyond our fertile years. In fact, we are among the only creatures that have managed this. In most other mammals, you’ll find that they will still be fertile at the time of death, or have stopped being able to do so merely days before their death. Thankfully, this is not the case with humans, because are offspring are raised socially. Instead of birthing them and leaving them to fend for themselves, humans raise our young in a family structure – with fathers, mothers, siblings, aunts, uncles, and even our grandparents!

Menopause is NOT the “Beginning of the End!”

Just because you can no longer have children does not make you any less of a woman, and just because your hormonal balance is a little bit off-kilter does not mean that you cannot live your life the way that you want to or are used to!

Part of the “menopausal experience” is a few of the invisible symptoms that nobody seems to like talking about. An increase in anxiety or a drop in endorphins that begins the nasty cycle of depression are both extremely common symptoms. The drop of libido that comes with your menopause and make you feel like less of a woman.

The nasty part of these symptoms is not that they are isolating (and they absolutely are!), but the fact that they are self-feeding. Anxiety breeds anxiety and depression buries you with more depression. Right as you think that you have it beaten, these nasty symptoms can come right back with little to no warning, ruining your day, week, month, or even your year.

When you start going through The Change, that should be your signal to focus on yourself and what makes you a happier you. You do not have to fall into these emotional cycles that can so easily take control of your life. I will tell you how you can get your lively spark back with our. Find out the 5 Mistakes that makes menopause worse in my free report Here’s a spoiler alert: It’s easier than you think!

Be Proactive In Your Journey!

Just like you would research any major change in your life, from your schools to your next big purchase, you should become informed about how menopause can affect your life.  Find out the 5 Mistakes that makes menopause worse in my free report.

You Do NOT Have To Live With…

  • Digestive Problems and Bloating
  • Gum Disease
  • Muscle Tension
  • Debilitating Headaches
  • Joint Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Mood Swings
  • Hair Loss
  • …and many more!

Start Taking Action Now!

While we don’t know why some symptoms onset during menopause, the most life altering of the symptoms all have natural explanations and solutions. If you refuse to let these changes take control of your life and are focused on making sure you are prepared for one of the biggest changes your body can undergo, you need this book.

Think of your menopause like you would preparing for a road trip. Once you have selected your destination, you will look at the map and determine the route that is right for you. After that, you will likely be trying to determine your stops to refuel your car and reload your supplies in order to optimize your chances of not coming across a sudden delay.

Of course, as in life, some stops are unavoidable, so you try to anticipate what might happen and take your preventative measurements for what you can and get yourself prepared for what you cannot. Your “Plan B,” you’ll likely call it. Once you have managed to get this done, all you have to do is start packing your bags and drive on to your destination

When you are prepared for any journey, you can sit back and enjoy the ride with as little bumps in the road and delays that you can manage. Your menopause is no exception to this rule.!

Are you ready to crawl out of the back seat and take the wheel on your life instead of letting your menopause drive wherever it wants to go? If so, let’s get rolling:

Download my free report

Find out the 5 mistake that makes menopause worse and why you need to educate yourself before your turn 40

You’ll be happy that you did!

Sending you lots of love,

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