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Create the Body You Desire and the Health You Deserve with our Individualized Body Design Formula

Are you still exercising the same way with little to no results?

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Most woman want to look good, but their body wants to feel good first. Gyms and workout studios are just not designed with a woman’s comfort in mind. They’re generally designed and built by men for men, not for women.

Additionally, most personal trainers push women into masculine-type, performance mode exercise routines. After awhile, their body starts balking. It starts telling her, “This isn’t for me.” 

And for a lot of women, in the end, their body wins the struggle, and they quit.

Rediscover the Joy of being Physically Fit from a Female Point of View

Stephen Hercy’s Feminine Body Design Formulas are specifically designed to help women rediscover the joys of becoming Master of their Body and to become physically fit from a Female Point of View.

What is a Body Design Formula? It is an individualized educational program, based on the scientifically proven benefits of strength training, precisely formulated with your specific physical and emotional needs in mind. This work is not only cosmetic, but also addresses emotional and health factors.

How does Body Design Formula differ from working with a personal trainer?
The Body Design Formula system is designed to make you independent from personal trainers not codependent. This unique educational approach to weight training and self-empowerment enables you to acquire the necessary knowledge to become self sufficient in any gym, anywhere in the world.  

Your education is the primary goal.

The formulas are designed with the whole person in mind, taking into consideration gender, age as well as emotional, hormonal and physical circumstances. Each exercise and each machine is very carefully chosen to ensure maximum ergonomic comfort.

Once you have experienced proper training procedure and have the education necessary to use weight and equipment with discernment, you will be able to transfer this knowledge anywhere.

So Contact Us! We are excited to help you achieve the body you desire and the health you deserve.

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