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I feel great.


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Got my body back

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74 & Stronger

Stronger than ever at 74


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"More transformation in 2 weeks, than years of Pilates, Yoga and Rolfing"

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In only 2 months, I am already stronger and fitter

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Not even in the army

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"Simple and easy 3-step system: "Do, Review Adjust"

Heart transforming

"Dr. Fitness USA changes more than bodies, he changes people's hearts"

19 years later

 "I travel a lost, I always find gyms where I can do my program. It keeps me fit"


"I broke through self-imposed limitations!"

Emotional stability

"More than physical strength, emotional stability and inner empowerment"

In 2 weeks

"Only 2 weeks, I have power in my legs again"

15 years later

"I feel great!"

Mental health

"Not just good physically, but mentally"

Ageless spine

"You can be 80 years old and have the spine of a 20 years old!"

Invest in yourself

"Give your money to further your education, or give it to the government"


"Nothing that money can buy can replace this program"

A new vision

"A new vision, a new life"


"Mood lifting, you'll love it!"

A must for women

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A master

"I overcame the issues I had with my shoulder and back pain."

Training in 3D

"A symphony vs. a monotone"

I love it

"I see the light at the end of the tunnel"

Health vs. vanity

"Good posture makes you look younger and your organs function better."

Dr. Pat Allen

Dr. Pat Allen testimonial

Linda Gray

Linda Gray



1700 calorie burned

I burned 1700 calories in one training session, and I am not even tired!


I am at aw

"In my mind, I can see the "after" resuls, which is very exciting!"