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Why  You Should Meal Prep

Back in the introduction we highlighted the big 3 reasons you should be planning and prepping healthy meals ahead of time. You can save time, you can save money as well when you shop sales and buy in bulk, and you benefit from overall health and well-being. It is also easier to resist temptations when you plan your meals in advance, shop accordingly, and keep your belly full of healthy proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Meal prep is all about planning.

When you work out your schedule, and that of your family, you can shop and prepare your meals properly. This allows you to have healthy snacks around when the kids get hungry, and can keep you from reaching for unhealthy processed food and sugar-filled snacks if you get the munchies throughout the day. It also means eating a lot of plant-based foods, which are full of dietary fiber that cleans out your system and fills you up quickly.

When you focus on foods which are found in nature as opposed to processed foods, you ensure you are getting all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body and brain need. When you keep your mind and body fuel with the nutritious foods they crave, you are healthy and happy. Studies have also shown that this type of smart eating leads to healthy choices in areas of your life not related to nutrition.

When you start to see the positive impact that healthy meal planning has on your family, you want to make other smart changes. This usually leads to more energy for exercising and staying physically active, which is another plus.

The money end of the equation is simple. Eating out can be costly, to your wallet as well as your health. When you have no plan, you have to think on the fly where you are going to eat. It costs money to pay for someone else to prepare and serve the food you are going to eat. The per-serving cost of planning and preparing your own meals can be extremely low, and your meals can be as versatile as your imagination.

Don’t forget that you are going to be putting more time back into your life. One of the most common complaints of adults these days is a lack of time to get things done. When you feel rushed, you feel stressed. Stress is found as a key component in almost all chronic diseases. When you start limiting the stress in your life by enjoying more free time by planning your meals, you save money and time while reducing stress, which means benefits to your wallet and your health.

Another huge benefit of healthy meal planning is that you reduce your impact on the environment. Current food manufacturing processes waste natural resources, and in many cases are cruel to animals. You become an ambassador to the planet and the animals on it when you choose to shop, prep and eat your meals in a responsible and healthy manner.




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