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We are developing a balanced physique. We have already learned that we need to employ both fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers for optimum health. We are not only seeking to rebuild lean muscle mass but we are also seeking to develop endurance and stamina.

So the point is not to continuously do more weight, it is to balance out when, how much and how you juggle the weight range and weight scale.

The shoulder is a more complex muscle group. Doing too much weight on the shoulders in the wrong position may cause a rotator cuff injury. The shoulder muscles requires more finesse, more stimulation and lifting less weight with more rep . Chest is a much stronger muscle that requires less movement and more weight

Also some muscles require for you to take on more weight, not only to develop a balanced physique, but also for the purpose of emotional release. There is such a thing a weight ratio. This is the art of Body Design to know proportionality how to adjust the weights you are using.

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