How Water Can Make Clean Eating Easier

How Water Can Make Clean Eating Easier

Are you hungry all the time? Do you feel heavy and bloated despite eating clean? If so, drink more water! Your body needs this fluid to eliminate toxins, break down foods, and function optimally. Water also keeps you full longer and curbs appetite. Moreover, a proper fluid intake can improve digestion, which helps reduce bloating. Sometimes a big glass of water is all you need to ward off hunger and boost your energy.


Why Is Water Important?

Every cell in your body is composed of water. This fluid accounts for at least 70 percent of your body weight. Therefore, you need it to stay healthy and function properly. Even though most experts recommend drinking eight glasses a day, you may need more or less. It all comes down to your weight, fitness level, and health goals.

An adequate water intake can enhance the benefits of clean eating. First of all, it rids your body of toxins and metabolic waste. This helps reduce toxic load and lowers your risk of urinary tract infections and kidney stones. Secondly, water fills you up quickly and suppresses hunger, so you’ll end up eating less. On top of that, it increases your metabolic rate and removes by-products of fat, leading to weight loss.

According to a study, drinking about 17 ounces of water boosts metabolism by as much as 30 percent within 10 minutes. Dehydration, on the other hand, slows down your metabolism by at least three percent. For fat loss, drink cold water. Your body will work harder to bring it to room temperature, so you’ll burn more calories.

Water boosts mental focus and alertness, energizes your body, and keeps your brain sharp. If you’re struggling with fatigue, sip on water throughout the day. This way, you’ll have greater energy and focus better on your tasks. Proper hydration also improves your complexion and prevents sagging skin. In the long run, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and slows down aging.

The benefits of drinking water don’t end here. According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, people who drink at least five glasses a day have a 41 percent lower risk of heart attack compared to those drinking two glasses. Water also protects against colon and breast cancer, prevents headaches, and boosts immunity.


How to Increase Your Water Intake

A 2014 study has found that most people drink just one glass of water a day. This may lead to dehydration, migraines, weight gain, sluggish metabolism, and fatigue. Dehydration affects your sports performance, causes constipation, and drains your energy. Some people simply dislike plain water. Others turn to soda and sweetened beverages. These drinks are loaded with sugar and can offset the benefits of clean eating.

The best way to make water more appealing is to mix it with freshly squeezed lemon juice, sliced fruit or cucumber. This way, you’ll enjoy the flavor without adding extra calories to your diet. For instance, you water and limecan make your own mango-berry water, lemon water, citrus mint water, or even mojito water. Another option is to make herbal tea, leave it in the fridge, and drink it instead of water. Add turmeric and ginger for increased flavor.

Keep a glass of water at hand at all times so you can take small sips throughout the day. Drink at least one bottle during exercise. Beware that caffeinated beverages, green tea lattes, and fruit juices can not replace water. These beverages contain hidden sugars that will add inches to your waist.

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