How to get the Hollywood look

To get the Hollywood look for men.






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How to get the Hollywood look

OK so this section is just for the men. But it’s something I think a lot of you will be very interested in how to get the shape of an Adonis. While there are plenty of excellent training programs out there the big problem is that they tend to focus on building strength or performance without giving much thought to aesthetics.

Even those workouts aimed at helping you to look and feel better about yourself will almost always take the approach that any level of fitness looks better but a smarter approach might be to try and train more like a Hollywood celebrity. If you take a close look you’ll find that they very often have similar features and traits and specifically physically they almost always have a great upside down triangle shape made up of large lats and shoulders and a narrow waist. This is combined with great arms and flat abs, which together creates the Hollywood look. The good news is that once you’ve identified this look you can devise a trading program specifically to reach it. The best place to start is by performing weighted pull-ups. This is a great test of strength that utilizes the lands and a very compound and functional manner. It’s ideal for stimulating growth and widening your upper half.

Another good exercise to add to your routine is your overhead press with heavy weights. Combine this with incline bench press to try and build up a big flat upper chest. You can also try using side raises to build the smaller supporting muscles in the shoulders. In particular building up the medial deltoid will help to add padding to your sides and make your shoulders wider.

Finally make sure that you also focus on the triceps. Many people think that training just their biceps will give them bigger arms but the reality is that your upper arm should actually be two thirds triceps and again if you take a look at any of those Hollywood celebs you’ll see that they have great triceps that give their arms size without making them look bulky. Of course you need to train the rest of your body too for a balanced and well rounded physique, but if you want to quickly hack your way to a great looking body that turns heads and builds on the success of our gut removal program then focus on these exercises.


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