Create a shopping list

Creating a Shopping List

Once you know how many meals you are going to prepare, you can create your shopping list. Then it is off to your local grocer, farmers’ market or backyard garden to get the things you need.

Your shopping list can be as detailed or simple as you desire. One of the great things about cooking multiple meals at once and storing them for use later is you can cater this process to your personal desires. In our next section we will cover a few healthy bulk cooking recipes. Use these recipes or your own favorites in conjunction with the meal planning steps you took in the last section and you will have no problems creating the perfect shopping list.

Here are a few applications, which can help you streamline your next trip to the grocer.

  • BigOven
  • Ibotta
  • Free Shopping List Ease
  • MealBoard
  • OutOfMilk
  • Flipp

Also, check with your favorite grocery store manager about store-specific grocery list applications. These apps alert you to savings when you are shopping, and in many cases help you manage multiple grocery lists.

Healthy shopping tips – Choose organic whenever you can. You should always opt for grass-fed over grain-fed beef and wild-caught fish over farm-raised. Pastured, organic poultry and dairy products are healthier than those which come from animals that have been raised on grain like corn. Sodas are never a healthy option, so opt instead for coconut water, coconut milk, almond milk, green tea, black tea and any herbal tea. Choose whole grains over more processed grains and bread choices, and stock up on fruits and veggies.


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