4. Pain Free

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Hi and welcome to why go to the gym anyway. Imagine a pain free life . Let’s get started. Let’s talk about pain. Do you know that 80 percent of North Americans suffer from back pain. That one in three woman over 50 suffers from osteoporosis.

One in five men. Do you know that there is a 16 percent chance of premature death following a fracture. Do you know that world wide one in 10 deaths is caused by lack of exercise. What would your life look like if you didn’t have pain?

Well I’m here to tell you that it is possible by following certain principles. Now the first principle is the principle of grounding. In the grounding episode we talked about the nervous system and how the nervous system can be compared to the electrical outlet in your house; and when it’s outdated and you plug in too many appliances then, you’re going to blow a fuse and the same thing happens to the body. When you overload your nervous system, you blow a fuse. And that is going to translate in some type of an injury some type of a disease. So the first thing is you need to strengthen the nervous system. So go back to that episode and watch the information on grounding and on the nervous system so that you can understand that first principle. The other episode that I’d like you to go back to watch is the episode on posture.

This is actually the second part of the episode on posture, because again to understand the secret to achieving a pain free life, you need to understand the consequences of bad posture for your health. Bad posture is responsible for many many ailments that you might have that you don’t even think might be related to postural misalignment. Postural misalignment creates stagnation in the body and where there is stagnation there is disease. Your body is a self healing mechanism. It wants to heal. The only thing you have to give it, is what it needs to heal; and it will heal. Pains and injuries often are caused by poor biomechanical movements, micro habits overcompensating. So in order to heal injuries and such pains, then we need to teach the body to reverse the process.

We need to teach the body the proper movement biomechanics. When you train improperly or you annex the wrong muscles,

the synergistic muscles are actually strengthened at a very specific way.

Then you can have abnormalities in the biomechanics function of the joints, because this is affecting micro receptors

level 1 and level 2 which control the access of the joint and you will experience pain.

Now the person has back pain and the first thing that they’re going to think they’re going to go to the chiropractor so why is the chiropractor not the answer to all.

Ok so let’s say I have a back pain and I just want to rule out a bulging disc or pressure on the disk.

Once you get adjusted you need to go immediately to a gym and start working out. Why?

Because what if the chiropractor lines the vertebrae properly,

that’s like a bridge that the ark is out of place and the bridge is going to collapse. Now we put it all in place.

Your body is gonna to be firing at optimum level. That’s the greatest time, your muscles will contract the most, they’ll be the strongest and when they do an exercise in the correct line of movement, your body is going to get physically stronger and it’s going to hold the vertebrae or the joints in the correct position. If you don’t do that, a few days later, or you go home and lie down, the vertebrae is all going to go out of place.

So what about if you do have a bulging disc? you can get neuromuscular massage but you can still go to the gym and start to reconnect you the your body properly.

If it was really extreme in the lower extremities You could start from the top down and send energy from the upper body to your legs. There’s different ways of addressing stress in the lower body, but usually when you have a bulging disc is because it’s fatigue from you doing things incorrectly. You know when people come into my office and they give me this whole list of problems that they are experiencing, that they’ve dealt with with their therapist, their physiotherapist, their personal trainer their chiropractor,

and they’re very concerned; and so they asked me:” Well Doc what seems to be going on. You know I’m kind of fearful of lifting weight. I explain you know that’s very interesting, because when I develop a program, the music to the way that your body runs, just like an acupuncturist knows where to put the niddle in the right meridian, unlike personal training that’s putting needles everywhere, you will not have any pain. I just demonstrate that I have a dislocated shoulder, I can’t do two arm side rays. There could be some neck issues, and yet I get amazing exercise with amazing weight with no pain at all. So there is always a way to work around an injury, It’s kind of like you have a weak player in the team, but you have a whole group of muscles, and auxiliary players that will help you out In case there’s a fire.

So here it is! You got step one. Step two is to go to a physical gym. Yoga does not do that, it uses different muscle fibers.

What your doctor or what your therapist or what your chiropractor will not tell you.

They’ll tell you that they can treat or create programs to alleviate pain temporarily, but unless they have a sufficient strength training program to address synergistic muscles in the body, you will continuously, having pain, not removing the cause of factor what caused the pain in the first place that moved your joints incorrectly by improper training; and that can happen even with personal trainers.

So and doing doing exercises in a chiropractor office with the ball and plastics is definitely a sure way to have more pain.

Why is that? OK.

What are the reasons that you have pain in the body is because the muscle is either fatigue or the joint is strained.

So when you take a band and you try to do like that they’ll say that your rotator cuff, the muscles that surround your shoulder are injured, so to speak, and so they’re going to give you an elastic band or they’re going to give you an exercise where you’re moving your arms down your side like 90 degrees and they go in and out in and out.

Well just picture that. Your arm is strained.; You’re lying on your side. You can’t move. And they give you this elastic band. You don’t know what company it is.

So it’s like training on a machine where the cable is not oiled properly. So you’re straining against this elastic. So as soon as you put pressure on the exercise or movement you’re going to experience pain, so you’re going to say oh I’m in pain! I was supposed to have surgery to last year

by three doctors surgeons rather and say you know if I don’t cut off my shoulder It’s going to get worse and you’ll be in pain. No. It is not so. I just stuck to my guns and did my thing and now every part of the program I can use again and I. Better still I can lift things you know where I couldn’t before. and I had to do this before to get something on the wall and now I can just do that no problem. And no surgery. And no splint. I was supposed to be in a splint for eight months. That’s where it goes to that.

And. Yeah. And it’s very fast. I put my body in a biomechanics position, I could override the nervous system by strengthening the muscles in a comforting way that causes zero pain. It’s like having a baseball team and one point or one or two players are missing. But now you put the whole team together and they all help you win the game. So when you do a certain sequence of exercises even the weak part of the muscle where you’re experiencing pain, if you change the angulation, all your other muscles and fibers will come into play and help the muscle becomes stronger and increased in strength reduces pain in the body. So after five minutes in the gym I have full mobility. Now how do you figure that?

I just came in the gym I can’t move my shoulder to the right I can’t move it to the right. Because he exercised his ergonomic setup that the brain is telling me:” Oh this is a comfortable exercise. This is good for my body. You see now, if you’re in the chiropractor’s office and you take all those elastic bands, your brain is going to say:” Oh this is very painful!”

Six months later you’re still going to be playing with the band. if you want a faster exposure to the injury then you’re gonna do a neuromuscular which is a different type of massage. It’s not active release it’s called neuromuscular. Most people don’t know really how to do it.

But the fastest easiest way is to call Dr fitness USA up to create a prescription and get your butt into the gym and train at a level that you’re capable of so that you can make progress in your life.

So what about balls. Now we understand why the elastic bands are not so good. But what about the balls.

Ok. So you have a lower back pain, the spine is connected to your to your lower extremities.

It goes up to your brain. So now you sit on a ball.

What is a ball ball? It is an unstable surface.

So your body is definitely not grounded. You can go over to a certain leg press machine and if you’re biomechanics put in it properly, I have a secret technique for that.

I started with Stephen recently and I will tell everyone right here right now that just yesterday, I lifted more weight in one particular exercise than I ever had in my life ever before. And that’s not an ego thing. That’s not to say look how strong Brian is now. All that is is to tell you that what Stephen has is already working and I’ve just begun to taste the fruits of this unbelievable system.

Yeah yeah. It’s an amazing system already and I barely scratch the surface.

I cannot wait to experience the rest of it. And the reason I love what Stephen does. Let me just say this if I may Stephen one of the things I really love love love love, is that it addresses pain that have joint pain I have in both knees something called osteo arthritis, which is early onset version of full blown arthritis and there’s pain involved. Well now with working with Stephen just in what, four workouts I think so far, if that, I have no pain in my knees like I used to. It’s continually getting less and less. Like right now I would normally feel pain just sitting here existing, I don’t feel a thing. It is phenomenal. I’m excited and I can’t wait. That’s why I wanted one of the reasons I wanted Stephen on the show is to help spread the word of this especially for those of us that are getting up there you know 40 50 60 even beyond. And Stephen’s a physical specimen zone right.

And you know he’s the product. P Oh I can’t do leg presses because I have arthritic pain in my thighs or my joints. I think I’ll take lightweight or not do it exercise at all” and then I show them how to do the leg press, but ergonomically correctly, I put in a musical score and I erased the memory of pain from their brain and they start to function perfectly, and you ask them if you have any pain? No.

Well how is it, you weren’t even doing a leg exercise which grounds your body.

Now do you start off with 250 pounds and now you’re doing six 50. How does that say. Would you say that you have more than a 50 percent increase?

And why would you do a heavier weight for your lower extremities? Because it sends energy to your brain and sends energy to your upper body. If you don’t have a solid program, th won’t make those changes that you’re capable of by doing aerobics activity, by doing or nonsensical exercise that chiropractors give you in their their treatment room.

So a lot of times we get people that, you know life goes on, and then they go on and carry boxes or do something and then they have a pain somewhere.

So, many times, as you know, they stop training altogether, they think that they need to rest.

NO, you don’t! what you is, you get back on the horse and you do it properly and it will erase memory of what you’re actually had the pain caused from. So when they say:” Yes

but I went to my chiropractor…. and you OK wait a second.

So you went to your chiropractor, so supposing you tore your muscle or strained muscle a muscle. OK going to thechiropractor is not going to help you very much OK! Well they could give you an adjustment that will help you feel like you have mobility, but if you went to a neuromuscular specialist and he separated the fibers that are that caused the strain in the first place, you could immediately go to a gym and start training again. It might be very painful but you’d be surprised after 10 minutes on a correct program you won’t have a pain at all.

And that goes for sciatic pain also. People are not educated on what are the steps to help one’s body.

They only yell “help” when all of a sudden something out of the ordinary happens to them, but the truth is, they haven’t trained sensibly at all or they exercise in a way that’s going to lead to the deterioration or downfall eventually.

So you can have a pain in your wrist right, and you think “I have to rest it” But you can do an exercise in the opposing movement and it will take away the pain.

Yeah that’s what happened to me when I had the wrist problems and then you showed me all these wrist exercises that I still do for that matter, and I almost have never any pain again in my wrist since I’ve been doing those exercises regularly, about maybe once a week or once every other week.

Absolutely so that was great. Well and so we talked about lower back. We talked about bulging disk. We talked a little bit about shoulder and knees.

These are two things that people complain a lot about. So what about knees. If you know how to bio mechanically set up a leg press machine, there’s no pressure on the knees. Let’s take an example. The favorite is, when you sit on like a chair type of deal and you you flex your leg upwards right…. “Leg extension, you mean?” Yes leg extension. So if you went to doctor, they would say “There’s tremendous stress in your knees!”

Well I would keep doing it if I were you.

It’s the way that you do it, how high you raise the weight, how low you raise the weight. But people usually drop their there their leg to 90 degrees which puts extreme stress on the knees but if they knew how to create an angulated starting position, they won’t have any pain. “On a Hammer MTS.

Iso lateral leg extension machine… and we can see that there’s a an so the wheel is out slightly not a straight drop. It like this, you see. Make sure

you take it out. So for some people, that have knee pain, they usually have the thigh right into the thing, like here see. I don’t do it that way. My thigh is almost off the pad. My toes

are out. so watch. “So the toes out? Yeah. And flex upwared. watch what I do. You see my thigh completely off the pad. When you it this way, there is no pain at all Yeah

I noticed you were doing their shorter range of motion. You said part of your trick?

Well because there is a governor here. It is a shorter range of motion, because the thigh muscles only work from this you don’t necessarily have to go all the way back; there are other muscles that come into play. Say so when you do it at 90 degrees, you have a lot of strain on the knees. And the muscle really isn’t working efficiently, it’s only your tendons; but when you go down 45 or 60 degrees. There’s constant tension on the muscle. So watch this. It doesn’t get better than that.

Yeah because a lot of people complain; they say when we give them the leg extension they go “Oh that’s the one that hurt my knees.

Because they’re not instructed properly in how to do it correctly.

And yeah it’s kind of on which way the weight which ang weight comes down, then it would be kind of important not to lock the knees.

Well we never lock the knees. The thing is the…

I don’t think so.

There was one leg press where you said lock the knees, when the angle came from another direction, you always told me to lock the knees this way.

Okay. When you’re sitting up like I am in the chair, and there is a leg press where I can just push outwards, you can lock out the knees or do whatever you want, because the bone is not resting on top of bone.

When you have an angulated leg press bone is coming from a high position.

And when used to straighten it out, the bone will rest on top of bone, so you won’t want to lock the leg because you want what we call a “constant tension on the muscle”, which is positive. So as long as you keep muscles strong and healthy,

then they’ll take care of your joints! The and the industry a “no pain no gain”. Okay. We don’t promote strength as one would like Arnold bodybuilders. We promote strength training as the number one anti tool for women today. Even the medical community has transfer or in what we call the 21st century. Everything is different today. There is no excuse for a man or woman not to be able to go to a physical gym a great time with your body slow down the aging process.

I was very hurt. I had a lot of pain and I had also tried everything. I was a performer a professional entertainer, and I had done every type of exercise you can imagine. I had done every healing modality you can imagine. I knew it all! Trough my background in metaphysical science. I knew that I could manifest something that would change my life, and I did.

But you have to have an open mind accept the opportunity when it comes; because opportunities come in windows.

Maybe today you’re here to hearing this information about achieving a pain free life.

And you say oh I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money, I have to take care of my business first.

My children need to go to college…. and the opportunity closes. Tomorrow the opportunity may not be here. Tomorrow you may need a surgery or something, tomorrow you might be dead! That happens a lot.

So remember “Those who think they have no time for physical sooner or later have to find time for illness.” So let that not be you! So I want to invite you to schedule complementary strategy session so that we can get to know each other and put a strategy in motion, so that we can help you achieve a pain free life,

the body you desire and deserves. So simply click on the to schedule a call. I Batista at.

DrFitness Bye for now.

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