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Individualized Body Design Formula with Dr. Fitness USA


What is a Body Design Formula? It is an individualized educational program, based on the scientifically proven benefits of strength training, precisely formulated with your specific physical and emotional needs in mind. This work is not only cosmetic, but also addresses emotional and health factors.

What are the benefits? You will look and feel fabulous and achieve maximum results in a balanced safe and enjoyable way, in the shortest amount of time possible. You will stop wasting time with your workout routines.

Who created the Body Design Formula system? Stephen Hercy AKA Dr. Fitness USA created the Body Design Formula System, which stems from his 50 years long life experience.

How did the Body Design Formula come to existence? A deep interest in the work of Dr. Carl G. Jung led Mr. Hercy to conclude that it is in women’s best interest not to workout like men. From these notions he developed his unique Body Design Formula strength training approach.

What do you mean, women should not train like men? Most woman want to look good, but their body wants to feel good first. Gyms and workout studios are just not designed with a woman’s comfort in mind. They’re generally designed and built by men for men, not for women. Additionally, most personal trainers push women into masculine-type, performance mode exercise routines.  After awhile, their body starts balking. It starts telling her, “This isn’t for me.” 

And for a lot of women, in the end, their body wins the struggle, and they quit. Stephen Hercy’s Feminine Body Design Formulas are specially designed to help women rediscover the joys of becoming Master of their Body and to become physically fit from a Female Point of View.
Younger, competitive and or very athletic women may not agree with this statement; however, the aging process happens inevitably, hormones change regardless of opinions and the abuse put on body will take a toll, guaranteed.

How does it work? After a thorough evaluation of your body, Stephen Hercy creates a formula to meet your needs. Your customized “Body Design Formula” is implemented under the guidance of one of our specialized teacher, trained in Body Design applications. Sessions are conducted as one on one educational seminar, where you are taught proper ergonomics, comfort, correct posture, and breathing.

Where are the classes held? The classes are held in Los Angeles CA; in a gym of our choice. Upon completion of this initial instructional phase, your formula is transferred to your local gym, with all ergonomic adjustments necessary to accommodate the equipment available to you.

How does Body Design Formula differ from working with a personal trainer?
The Body Design Formula system is designed to make you independent from personal trainers not codependent. This unique educational approach to weight training and self-empowerment enables you to acquire the necessary knowledge to become self sufficient in any gym, anywhere in the world.  Your education is the primary goal. The formulas are designed with the whole person in mind, taking into consideration gender, age as well as emotional, hormonal and physical circumstances. Each exercise and each machine is very carefully chosen to ensure maximum ergonomic comfort. Once you have experienced proper training procedure and have the education necessary to use weight and equipment with discernment, you will be able to transfer this knowledge anywhere.

What do you mean by “NO PAIN, MORE GAIN”? You do not need to suffer to achieve optimum results. In fact if it hurts you are most certainly hurting yourself! In the long run, you could incur permanent injuries to your joints, tendons and ligaments. Furthermore, pain and stress provoke the secretion of cortisol, which is a hormone that breaks down muscle tissue and suppresses the immune system. All Body Design Formulas are designed with comfort as a priority, allowing the body to ease into the routines with pleasure, increasing strength and producing spectacular and rapid results.

Does one get the same results with yoga and Pilates as from Body Design? Strength training in general, as research is now showing, is the number one scientifically proven method to increase bone density mass, which fights osteoporosis. Ongoing research is finding more and more unique benefits that are specific to working out with weights. The exceptional ergonomic application of the Body Design Formula and its incomparable philosophy makes it a one of a kind activity and enhances all other sports or hobbies of choice.

How much does it cost?  Unlike a personal trainer who charges by the hour, Mr. Hercy has a fee structure that reflects the artistic and educational nature of Body Design. What you are buying is his art and the knowledge to carry on independently. Stephen Hercy’s Body Design Formula is an investment in yourself that allows you to soar beyond your wildest dreams. The cost of the program is minor compared to the life long benefits you will see and experience.   

Why do we call it the New Paradigm in Fitness Consciousness? Body Design Formula and its unique Yin and Yang approach to Strength Training, coupled with perfect ergonomic applications, allows one to get very intimately tuned in with their own inner journey in a very profound and unique way, for the ultimate actualization of mind body and spirit.

Is this program for everyone? This program is most beneficial for someone ready for ultimate inner and outer transformation.

Teen and young adult programs

The teen and young adult programs are preset, ergonomically balanced systems that can be taught on one on one basis, or as a group of 5 friends maximum. It encourages teamwork and accountability, while channeling the adolescent energies toward healthy activities.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Healthy hobby
  • Out of trouble
  • Sports injury prevention
  • Muscle imbalance prevention

12 steps SOS Package

The 12 steps SOS package is a preset ergonomically balanced system that can be taught on one on one basis or for two people maximum.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Physical and emotional strength
  • Channeling energy in a positive direction
  • Inner Balance
  • Peace of mind
  • Support